Lash Training-Salt Lake County July 12th-13th

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Lash Training-Salt Lake County August 15th...

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Lash Training-Utah County July 5th-6th

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Lash Training-Utah County August 2nd-3rd

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2- Part Eyelash Extension Training Program in Utah

Bella Lash is proud to offer our incredible 2-Part Eyelash Extension Training in Utah.


Did you know that Eyelash Extensions are currently one of the most lucrative services that you can offer at your salon? Eyelash extensions are currently the fastest growing part of the beauty industry. The demand for Eyelash Extensions is growing at an incredible rate across the country. Today is the day to sign up and become a Bella Lash Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist!


One of the best parts of doing eyelash extensions is that due to our natural eyelash growth cycle, our clients have to return on average every 3 weeks for a fill! This means that your business has a repeat clientele unlike any other in the beauty industry. Below is a table that reflects the national average pricing of eyelash extensions. Your own practice may vary depending on your location’s demographics, however these numbers are very conservative. 


Eyelash Extension Application Profit Chart



Eyelash Extension Fills Profit Chart


Bella Lash Extensions teaches you how to become successful as an eyelash technician. Our extensive training teaches you not only how put on eyelash extensions, but also teaches you a deep understanding and theory of eyelash extensions.  Our system teaches you how to successfully integrate eyelash extensions into your spa, salon, or other practice.


Bella Lash offers a 2 part training program. We believe that teaching eyelash extensions takes more than one day or even two consecutive days. That is why we have developed a 2 part training program. Our students take a full day of training where they learn all of the theory and hands-on skills they need in order to be successful. After this first day, each student is assigned detailed homework where they will be practicing their new skills and developing them further. After several weeks of practicing and once the homework has been completed, students return for their second day of training. On this second day, students’ skills are fine-tuned and tested before they are certified by Bella Lash Extensions. This ensures that each student has the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. 


General Topics Covered:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the eyelash
  • Safety precautions and potential reactions
  • Side effects of eyelash extensions
  • Determining good and bad candidates for eyelash extensions
  • Sterilization
  • Client Consultations
  • Types of natural eyelashes and extension curl types
  • Application and extension procedures
  • Extension styling
  • Eyelash extension aftercare
  • Refill procedures
  • Safe removal
  • First Aid Procedures
  • Success plan and marketing

Don't see any classes in your area? Please check back with us, we are constantly adding more areas. If you would like to inquire about becoming a certified Bella Lash Instructor and teaching your own classes, please contact us

Customer Reviews

"I am so pleased with the quality, consistency, and pricing... I will be sticking with Bella's synthetic minks from now on. Shipping was fast, and the customer service has been super!"

– Beth R. Las Vegas, Nv

"I have fallen in LOVE with @bellalash. They are one of the BEST manufactures for lashes and supplies. You guys ROCK."

– Alissa M. Seattle, WA

"I am so glad to have found Bella Lash. High quality, great price! "

– Caitlin H. Herriman, Ut