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2014 Bella Lash Tile


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Bella Lash Tile 

The all new Bella Lash Tray allows you to more easily handle the eyelash strips and glue during the attachment process. It organizes multiple sizes of eyelashes onto one tray. It provides a curved surface to attach the lash strips. This curved surface forces the ends of each eyelash to spread further apart, making it easier and faster for you to grab them. It also provides a secure are to place your Jade Stone and glue. This prevents the accidental tumble of the adhesive and stone on the floor or even into the client's hair. Each tray holds 16 different lengths of faux mink lashes in two diameters. Jade stone included

The Bella Lash Tray completely breaks the mold of anything previously known to the industry. Our Bella Lash Tray truly cannot be found anywhere else. We are proud to be patent pending on our completely innovative and unique Bella Lash Tray. Now you can do more eyelashes faster and more creatively than ever before. So spectacular it could only be Bella!

Patented Design


“The Bella Lash Tile has simplified the way I do eyelash extensions. It provides me with everything that I need in one convenient location. The curved surface allows me to grab the lashes more easily, saving my hand from fatigue and cramping.”          - Customer Review 


Choose a curl type to best fit your client’s natural lashes and desired look.

J-Curl: Least amount of curl. Bonds better with clients with straighter natural lashes.

B-Curl: In between a J and C-Curl.

C-Curl: Our most popular curl. Provides a natural curl look.

D-Curl: Our most dramatic curl.


Included thicknesses:

0.15mm: Use with clients that have finer lashes.

0.20mm: Most common thickness. For clients with normal healthy lashes.


Available in: J, C, D, and B curl 

Included lengths: 8mm - 15mm.

Included Diameters: 0.15mm or 0.20mm

More than 4300 bold lashes per tray.





I absolutely love these lash tiles!! Makes the process so much easier! This is such a fantastic company with amazing products and customer service!!


Makes the job way easier!


I've been in this industry for over forty years and I have to say that Bella Lash and their care for the client is top notch!! The New Bella Lash Tile is one of the most innovative products to come along. It takes less time and makes your applications so easy! A Must To Have--- Thank you, Marlene ( Alaska Nail Champion) and award winning nail artist.


This is so nice to have! A must have for every lash artist...